Village Maintenance


Village Maintenance

Over the summer the Community Council has been carrying out maintenance and refurbishment of some of the village furniture including:

· Gates in the park. The wrought iron gate to the playground has been returned - repaired and painted.

· New signs about ‘poop and scoop’ have been installed at the park.

· Replacement refuse bags for the playground dispensers have been sourced.

· Benches along the river repaired and painted.

· Planters have been repaired, painted and replanted.

The programme of work will continue with all the benches in the park being refurbished, and the notice boards being repaired and repainted. The wooden notice boards will be removed one at a time for the refurbishing starting with the noticeboard at the white bridge which was demounted yesterday. When the noticeboard at the shop is taken down the Community Council papers and minutes will be put up in the revived noticeboard at the white bridge.