The Community Council is the most local level of government and has to conform to a wide range of government legislation and regulations.  The main documents governing the operation of and requirements on the Community Council are listed below.

Concerns and Complaints Policy

How to make a complaint to the Community Council

Expenses Policy

Rules for councillors claiming expenses

Freedom of Information Requests

What information can be requested from the Community Council and how to ask.

Social Media Policy

How the Community Council manages use of social media.

Terms of Reference

Rules for the structure and operation of the Community Council

Welsh Language Scheme

How the Community Council will endeavour to conduct its business on the basis of equality in Welsh and English.

Community Action Plan

Community Action Plan

Churchyard Regulations

How the churchyard is managed.

Grant Criteria and Procedure

How to apply for grants from the Community Council

Standing Orders

Agreed at Annual Meeting May 2022

MUGA Management Agreement

Management Agreement for TaSC operation of the MUGA

Financial Regulations

Finance and Business Risk Management

Scheme of Publication MAY 2023