Local Development Plan


The Candidate Site Register for the Vale of Glamorgan Replacement Local Development Plan is now available to view on its website.

Those sites which have failed the stage 1 assessment (initial site filter) have also been identified, and are available to view in the Stage 1 Candidate Site Assessment Register. Details of the full assessment process used to consider Candidate Site submissions is also available to view on the Council's website.

It is important to note that at this stage, the inclusion of a site in the Candidate Site Register does not infer that a site will be allocated within the emerging RLDP, nor does it imply any preference of the Local Planning Authority regarding its merits. This register is not a public consultation document; merely a statement of fact of all the candidate sites which have been submitted at this stage in the RLDP process.

Further information and an interactive or PDF version of the Register can be found on the Council’s website –


At this stage, Council Officers are not able to discuss the merits or otherwise of individual sites as this would be premature.